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Team of interventionists with specialization in neuromedical, neurovascular intervention and peripheral vascular and non vascular interventions.

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Providing quality & effective treatment with highest success rate and minimal complications by latest interventional techniques.

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CT, ultrasound and fluoroscopy Image guidance is used to direct fine needles to a targeted lesions to take biopsies, to do RFA of liver and lung lesions, to place stents in hepatobiliary system and in giving drugs for pain management in cancer and in old patients suffering with joint pains.


Vascular Interventions are catheter-based procedures often used to open blocked blood vessels in people with heart and peripheral vascular diseases. And also deliver drug to melt the blood clots in legs and lungs.


Neurovascular intervention is the use of minimally-invasive endovascular techniques to treat vascular diseases of the brain and neck by nonsurgical methods. Also helps in targeted endovascular delivery of drug directly in the brain in strokes and cerebral venous thrombosis.


Endovascular delivery of radiation and chemo drugs to targeted tumors in the liver and various other organs thus reducing side effects and effective delivery and management of cancer. And also helps in providing quality life.

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    "I had multiple large fibroids on scan causing me severe pain in monthly cycles.I was not keen to undergo surgery as I was young. One of my friend suggested me Dr sridhar’s way of treating non surgical treatment.I was treated by Dr sridhar by simple embolization of fibroids almost pain free and just a single day hospital stay 6months back.I’m free of my problems and expecting my second child soon.. Thanks doc!!"


    "Dr sridhar had a very patient hearing of my problem. He explained in detail about my varicose problem, causes, its effect and the laser treatment in detail. That made me very comfortable and cleared all my doubts. Procedure was smooth and had good recovery as explained. He is one Dr who spends time and clears all the doubts with patience. And always reachable on phone when in need. Thanks(My wishes to you Dr sridhar.)"


    "This is a Doctor whom I have seen..”would call him as a Doctor with patience”. He did laser treatment for my varicose vein problem. It was exactly as simple as he explained. I would definitely recommend people with varicose problems to him. Thanks a lot doctor"


    "Dr diagnosed my leg pain problem as arterial disease on ct scan for my leg ulcer and leg pain on walking. I had a block of one of the artery. Explained my cause to be my smoking and increased sugar levels. I underwent angiogram and stent was placed in the leg. Now I am able to walk without pain and I’m on followup for my healing ulcer. Thank you Dr sridhar."

Dr. Sridhar Reddy Baddam


Trained in doing various vascular, non vascular and oncology procedures ranging from image guided biopsies to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm stenting to TARE. Area of expertise is in doing procedures like varicose LASER treatment, Radioembolization, chemoembolization, vertebroplasty, uterine fibroid embolisation and sclerotheraphy. One of the few doctors in South India with expertise in doing high end procedures in the field of cancer treatment, (TARE ) Radioembolization for liver cancer management and IAC for Retinoblastoma.

Dr. Lakshmi Sudha Karanam


Focussed interest in Neurovascular coiling and intracranial stenting. Trained in doing various complex intracranial neurovascular procedures in Germany. Area of Interest and Expertise in Neurovascular coling of aneurysms, carotid stenting, intracranial stenting, Flow diverters, AVM Embolisation. Expertise in pediatric retinoblastoma treatment by IAC.